Manufacturing opposition: how America supports our so-called enemies – part one

By Madison Ruppert

Editor of End the Lie

To some people, the concept of “full spectrum dominance” is completely foreign. To the upper echelons of the government of the United States, it is a tactic utilized on a regular basis.

Full spectrum dominance is achieved through controlling the groups and individuals that are the supposed enemies of the government through infiltration and/or funding.

A new military report reveals how this practice still occurs in the Middle East, just like in the Soviet-Afghan war in which we armed, funded, trained, and assisted the likes of Osama bin Laden and others who have grown to become known as the Taliban and even the ghost-group al Qaeda.

Of course the mainstream corporate media who unquestioningly supports the corrupt government of the United States and their international imperialist adventures has simply chalked this up to mismanagement.

They act as if the $360 million funneled to Taliban insurgents and other criminals in Afghanistan was simply “lost” and not intentionally handed out to those who received it.

If this were true, we would have to assume that there is absolutely no research done into where the contracts are going and in what hands our taxpayer dollars will end up.

The investigation was started last year by General David Petraeus, former commander of the allied forces in Afghanistan and current Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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